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ناس كتير واقفة في حياتها او مش متقدمة بالسرعة اللي نفسها فيها.. وللأسف متخيلة انها واقفة لأنها خايبة او مش شاطرة او ضعيفة

وكأنها ماسكة في الظاهر مش الجذر..

جذر المشكلة هو ان "المخ" تعبان

وبالتالي "العقل" مش شغال تمام

بدل ما نفضل نضيع وقت واحنا فاكرين اننا فاشلين

خالينا نمسك اول الخيط ونبدأ بالمخ..

نفهمه ونغذيه… ونشوف قد ايه حياتنا هاتفرق

في الكورس ده هنتعلم عن موضوعات مختلفة ملكملة لبعض:

1- هانتعلم عن اجزاء المخ المختلفة وادوارها مع "شيري رفعت"

2- هانتعلم عن علم النوم ودور النوم في كفاءة المخ مع "نهى ايهاب"

3- هانتعلم عن التغذية اللي مخنا محتاج لها علشان نقود حياة صحية سليمة مخنا وعقلنا شغالين فيها بكفاءة مع "رحاب موافي"

4- هانتعلم عن الرياضة وتأثيرها المحوري على مخنا مع "إيمان رفعت"

5- هانتعلم عن التأمل وتأثيره على المخ وليه مخنا محتاج له مع "إيمان رفعت"

6- هانتعلم ازاي نحط خطة عمل لتطبيق محتوى الكورس في حياتنا وتحويله من علم لعمل مع "إيمان رفعت"

Your Instructor

Iman Refaat
Iman Refaat

Hi, I’m Iman Refaat a Self-leadership Coach, Mentor and Trainer. I’m a Certified Mars Venus Coach and an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) accredited from the Meta Coach Foundation, a certified Practitioner of Accessing Personal Genius (APG) accredited from the International Society Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) accredited from the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

Along my career as an Educator, I had witnessed teens and young adults lacking direction, motivation and confidence. Leading and transforming many of them through school projects, I decided to take an action on a larger platform.

My mission is to coach and train people, enabling them to make paradigm shifts after examining their frames of reference and their core meanings, ensuring neither to refuse nor to accept old models unless they consider them from multiple angels.

I believe that every person holds within a world of miracles, yet only few succeed in unleashing their talents. I help people think from meta levels in order to connect to themselves, their deepest values, shaping their own fate and accessing their geniuses.

To that end I coach teens and adults in private and group sessions and I lead workshops to enable people to transform their lives.

My legacy is to create a community of proactive people, who have high self-awareness, who believe in themselves; their uniqueness, their potentials and their greatness. Human beings who contribute happily in touching other people’s lives and in elevating their countries and the world.

I’m the author of Fabulous Veils; Paradigm Shift first production. A novel displaying true stories from Egyptian women’s everyday life. In the novel, I highlight the various sorts of oppression, discrimination and gender inequality suffocating the Egyptians till our date.

You can contact me via email at [email protected] or follow me on Facebook at Iman Refaat – Perceptions or Instagram at imanrefaatperceptions.

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